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W@L Theme: Interfaces for Performance

This idea behind this workshop is to explore the interface between human and computer systems for the purpose of performance. We do not restrict the notion of interface, rather we are looking forwards to exploring and exploiting routes of data ingress into digital devices and how these might be appropriated in a performative activity. Neither do we restrict the ‘disciplines’ of the people we would like to see join us at this workshop. This reflects the increasingly post-disciplinary nature of our research, in which coding and choreography are both seen as creative and expressive human activities.

What we will do

We will start by taking a look at some existing data input capabilities. This is currently planned to include wearable sensors and text-based live-coding environments but we would be very happy for participants to bring along their own technologies and ideas for such for inclusion in the discussion. The plan is then to work together in one or more groups to combine the emergent concepts and capabilities in a performance piece that expresses the results of our discussions. Interest and expertise is therefore welcomed from any and all interested individuals (front-stage, back-stage, audience and all points in-between).


We hope that some aspect of this work will be demonstrable to the other groups at the end of the workshop and for recording and publication via video. This will effectively disseminate our ideas and technical exploits, and their crossover with performance, to the rest of the participants and more broadly to the wider community.

Further reading

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