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W@L Theme: Audience and Movement Games

This workshop theme is concerned with exploring mechanisms for audience interaction in movement based games. The technological focus is on the appropriation of existing and common-place interfaces, specifically Twitter, and is thus naturally orientated towards games designed for play in public settings.

The motivation for this theme is the now established use of Twitter to facilitate audience interaction with live performance (such as TV), and ultimately to enhance the spectator experience. Games, however, provide a medium for audience interactivity that goes beyond commentary, and could allow spectators to directly affect play, or even to become players themselves.

What we will do
This group will use an existing technology framework which comprises a simple Kinect-based movement game which has the capacity to capture and display Tweets from spectators (or other Twitter users) . The group will discuss ideas for how Tweets could be used to modified the game mechanics during play: we will also prototype and play test these ideas during the session. Software is provided, and programming expertise will be embedded in the group so that non-technical group members will be able to engage in design work.

The group will generate and document game design ideas which will be published on the website. We will also capture and present video records of game play. The group will be encouraged to contribute to ongoing design and prototyping after the workshop, with the objective of producing a playable prototype which can be deployed and evaluated in public spaces on the University of Lincoln campus.