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Event plan for Workshop@Lincoln

The Workshop@Lincoln event is planned for the 25th-26th March 2014. It is themed (mainly) around movement and gesture based input devices, and will comprise some talks and introductory events. The core of the activity will be centred around a “hack” style event in which participants will work in small groups on design and/or prototyping exercises around a number of sub-themes and software (though participants are also encouraged to introduce their own). The workshop is structured such that participants may attend for only 1 day, if required.

The proposed sub-themes are:

  1. Interfaces for Performance (Leaders: Duncan Rowland, Kate Sicchio)
  2. Mobility Impaired Performance (Leader: Kathrin Gerling)
  3. Physical Games in Playgrounds (Leader: Grethe Mitchell)
  4. Performative interfaces to seed social encounters (Leader: John Shearer)
  5. Audience and Movement Games (Leader: Patrick Dickinson)

Day 1 : Introduction (AM Lincoln Leadership and Management Centre, PM School of Computer Science) 

10:00 Arrival & welcome at Lincoln Leadership and Management Centre (Building 18, attached campus map)
10:30 Speaker: Ida Toft and Sabine Harrer , Copenhagen Game Collective / IT University, Copenhagen
11:10 Speaker: Nick Burton, New Technology Lead, Rare Ltd.
11:50 Coffee served
12.00 Speaker: David Renton, Microsoft MVP (Kinect for Windows technical communities)
12:40 Relocate to School of Computer Science (3rd Floor Building 2, campus map)
12.50 Lunch : MC3108
1:50 Introducing to themes by theme leaders : Computing Lab C
2:10 Group session starts
4:00 Coffee served
4:20 Speaker: Matt Watkins, Mudlark (MC3107)
5:00 Groups present their initial ideas and work (5 mins each)
5:30 Close

7.30 Dinner: Prezzos Lincoln

Day 2: Group Working (School of Computer Science)

9:00 Welcome Back: Group working continues (Computing Lab C)
11:00 Coffee served
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Group working final session
3:00 Theme leader’s summaries
4:00 Coffee & close
4:20 {Optional session} : Planning ahead